10-Series Companion

A personal guide designed to help clients understand what the 10-Series is all about and how to improve it with basic exercises. Beautiful pictures, simple explanations and dynamic movements all in a beautiful book.

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10-Pack – 30% Off

Made for Rolfing and Structural Integration Practitioners, this 10-Pack is a great way to give a special gift! I love the smiles when I present one of these beautiful books to a new client.

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Journey inside the book and take a look at this beautiful photo gallery. Explore the simple details. See the elegant photos.

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The 10-Series Companion

This book is an exploration into what someone feels when they go through a 10-Series. It is also filled with an abundance of good information about the history and culture of Structural Integration | RolfingĀ®

This journey into our bodies is filled with such a deep sense of story. Each session is like a chapter in a book. Each with its own set of new ideas and exploration.

This companion guide will help you keep track of the various changes your body will go through. It will also give you movements to best ’embody’ the changes.


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