The beauty of stretching is that is puts you into positions that your rarely explore during the normal course of your day. By exploring these elongated positions, not only do we become more flexible but the body is able to extend and glide easier through normal movement as well. That being said, some areas of the body are difficult to stretch. In these cases we can use tools to get creative. A strap is a great tool to take the body into stretches while keeping the body aligned and relaxed at the same time.

Some hints about using a stretch strap:

1. Be sure to keep the body aligned throughout the stretch so as not to put undue stress on the joints.

2. Make sure to hold the strap firmly in both hands to avoid unwanted slipping and jarring of the joints.

3. Try to keep the arms and shoulders relaxed throughout the course of the stretch. By tensing too much through the arms the rest of the body will have a hard time ‘letting-go’ of the stress.

4. We prefer straps that have loops you can hook your hands through. This makes it easier to be relaxed throughout the stretch. Some other great tools for stretching are belts and ropes as well.