The Calf Slant is an excellent tool for elongating the muscles in the calf and lower leg. By giving the ankle a little extra angle you can put the muscles of the calf into a more lengthened position. This added stretch on the muscles of the achillies tendon gives you access to the deeper tendons of the ankle and foot. This simple tool lets you perform ranges of motion that are more effective than traditional calf stretching.

Some hints about using the Calf Slant:

1. It is helpful to place the slant about 2-3 feet from a wall or chair so you may stabilize your upper body.

2. Place the non-stretching foot in front of the slant so as to stabilize your weight.

3. Stretching with the leg long will stretch the gastroc-nemius muscle of the lower leg which connects up past the knee.

4. By bending the knee and dropping your butt toward your heel you will access the soleus muscle which connects through the ankle.

5. Both muscles use the achillies tendon as their attachment.

6. Another option is to move slowly through a range of movement with the knee bent and then fully lengthened out, and then back again.