The bottom of the foot is a difficult area to massage effectively. Our feet take such a beating throughout the course of a lifetime that they build up thick, strong pads. Whereas these pads protect us from the ground, they also make it difficult to get deep into the musculature and tendons that control the mobility of the foot bones. By using a thick, strong rubber tube-like tool, you can take advantage of your body weight to apply decent pressure into the bottom of the foot. Much like a foam roller for the muscles of the legs, the foot roller can bring about very positive changes in the integration of the feet.  This tool is a great compliment to Session 2 of the 10-Series.

Some hints to using the foot roller:

1. Start by placing the foot roller on the ground. Place you foot perpendicular over the roller. As you sink into the roller the arches of your feet will mold around the stiff rubber. Start by allowing the foot mold over the roller. No movement is necessary in this stage, just controlled steady pressure.

2. The roller will gradually adjust its angle to match the arches of the your foot. Try to find the areas of the foot that are NOT flexing. Stabilize the roller under these stiff spots and allow your bodyweight to drop into the roller.

3. Pay special consideration to the areas just in front of the heel, along the outer edge of the foot, and just inside the ball of the foot.

4. There are many bones in the foot, which means there are many joints between these bones. Every joint in the body is designed for movement. By using the roller to gently mobilize each of these joints, the feet will come alive with adaptability.

4. As the foot becomes more supple, you can begin to actually roll through the plantar fascia – the thick fascia that spans the bottom of the foot.

5. You may also place the roller into the freezer to combine rolling with cold-therapy.