The 10-Series Companion


This is a book designed to lead the client through the 10-Series of Structural Integration. The changes a client feels within the sessions are augmented by the understanding and exercises provided within this companion. I recommend anyone who is thinking of going through a ‘Series’ to get this book.


Ida Rolf came up with the 10-Series of Structural Integration ‘recipe’ of bodywork to bring greater alignment to the body. The process is broken up into ten unique sessions. Each session is designed to achieve a specific goal within the body. Some examples of these goals include ‘create balance in the feet’ and ‘expand breathing in the lungs’. Whereas the outcome is similar for each person, the manner is tailored specifically to each client. As each session is completed the body begins to find greater balance and ease within gravity.

This will be one of the most transformative journeys you may take in your lifetime. Through this process your body will change, your relationship to gravity will change and your understanding of movement will change. This book is an attempt to augment that experience. It is an attempt to give you visual and experiential cues that you can use at home in the time between the visits with your therapist. This book should be creased, pondered, questioned, written in and digested. In the end it will also become a treasure that you will look back on as a reminder for how incredibly life can change.