The 10-Series Companion


A Client Guide to the Rolf Method of Structural Integration | Rolfing®

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Soft-Cover | Table Display Book

96 pages – 11×9 inches



The 10-Series is a process that looks to align the body in gravity over the course of ten sessions. Using highly skilled techniques, the therapist gives length and glide to the body’s connective tissue, or ‘fascia’. Each session has its own unique strategy, goals and outcome. As the process unfolds, a deeper and deeper sense of balance, stability and ease of movement unfolds.

It will be one of the most wonderful journeys that you may take in your lifetime. The changes that occur will spring you forward into a new sense of confidence and grace. This book is designed to aide you along that path.

Filled with amazing imagery and easy-to-understand descriptions of each session this book will expand your understanding of what’s happening during your 10-Series.

The exercises and movements are portrayed in a simple format with specific guidance on how to move and lengthen your body after each session. Visual cues and graphics help to educate how to fully take advantage of the changes you will feel after each appointment.

Being able to look back over the changes you’ve gone through and the changes to come will give you a sense of fulfillment as the 10-Series journey unfolds…

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