And here we begin the road to Integration! What’s that you say? Integration? What’s Integration?


Integration is when the individual parts of the body start to work together, in concert. As with many things, the body works better when all its parts are functioning as a collective whole.

Well that’s a mouthful.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. To hear a violin, or clarinet is nice. To hear a whole symphony is astounding. The collective whole that is created by all the little parts working together gives life and movement in a profound way.

Up until this point in the 10-Series our goal has been to release specific areas of the body. We release the sacrum, or give length to the inner-legs. With the integrative sessions (eight and nine) we are looking to carry that potential for movement further across the body. We want expansion and fluidity to span many areas of the body, not just one. With integration the body’s movements become more fluid and powerful.

The way to address this is to focus on how the two girdles of the body are working in relation to the core. The upper girdle (shoulders) and the lower girdle (pelvis) are the connection points for our extremities (arms and legs). In session eight we make a decision on which of these girdles to address based on how the body has organized after the previous seven sessions. This is where the process gets personal.

It is not uncommon to feels a sense of freedom in these integrative sessions. Instead of the something feeling ‘different’ as they may in the previous seven sessions, with these changes there is a sense that restriction has been taken away and free flowing movement shall ensue!