The ‘belle of the ball’ of the 10-Series.

This session, which focuses on the psoas muscle and it’s surrounding structures, takes the leveling sensation of the last session and lengthens it up the front. This is the second part of the ‘core series’ within the greater 10-Series outline. Whereas the last session worked at opening up the bottom of the pelvis, session five is length up the front.

Often when my clients get up after a fifth session there is a settled look on their face. It’s a look of appreciation, as if to say “hey now, this is something I can work with.”

See, the front of the pelvis is loaded with the potential for restrictions. The structures that run up the front of the hips have to pass through a very narrow tunnel. This tunnel, the inguinal canal, is a tight little zone that houses two major nerve lines, a major blood/lymph canal and a huge hip-flexor tendon. All of these fascial pieces need to slide and glide easily within the narrow space in order for the front of the pelvis to be settled. After the completion of a fifth session and the freeing of all these strong tissues, the pelvis comes away with greater ease up the front. Nothing tugging, nothing holding, nothing stuck.


This allows the pelvis to settle more horizontally. The guts of the abdomen fall easier into the natural bowl of the pelvis. There is a lessening of pull on the lower spine. The often sore lumbar lordosis gets a rest and the long muscles of the back can ease their counter-pull. It’s a very natural feeling. As if something important has been righted.

Go ahead. Stand up…and…ah, nice. My stride becomes longer and I really want to stretch myself up out of the my thighs. My legs as well as my low back feels settled.

Makes you want to move you hips!