In my first 10-Series my Hellerworker placed an open palm on my inside thigh and paused.

“This is going to be difficult.” she said.

It was my fourth session and I was ready to start making changes in my core. The first three session had been great and I was excited for more. I had been curious as to how we were going to work the inner leg. She had me lay on my side with the top knee on a bolster. This gave her easy access to the bottom leg. Brilliant!

As she worked slowly to soften the fairly dense lata fascia of the inner thigh we talked about this, that and the next thing to take my mind off of the work. The intensity quickly wore off and we started to explore the fascial lines that weave through the dense adductor fascia on my inner leg.

My pelvis started to settle. My back stopped holding on. She had me turn over and we started on the other side. Tough at first, and slowly easier and easier to feel the fascia settle.

And then we were done.

“Go ahead and stand up. Move around a bit.” she said.

I made my way to my feet unsure of how I would feel. I felt my feet planted firmly on the ground. No really, they PLANTED on the ground. My legs felt solid in a way that they had never felt before. Like the floor was wider, more secure. Almost as if I’d just come off of a boat…

My pelvis was different as well. I felt horizontal. The shift in my pelvis made it feel like my spine was erected out of a flat table-top. My belly no longer spilled forward. My back muscles weren’t holding on for dear life. As I found the ‘down’ of the ground, I was able to lift upwards in a newly confident way. Solid.

Oh. So this is gravity.

This was the most satisfying session of my life. To this day I remember the first time I was really introduced to gravity and how to use it to be upright. Amazing.

A really good metaphor for the use of gravity is the idea of balancing an upright broom on your open palm. As you subtly adjust your palm to the balancing broom it stays upright. This is using gravity on all sides to maintain uprightness. So much easier than trying to hold onto that broom for twelve ours out of the day. So much less tiring.

So much better.

– on a side note, once you begin to make changes in the core funny things may start to happen. It can be a little difficult to adjust to the changes. Sometimes physical and emotional issues come up that are challenging. My advice is to continue on through the next two sessions. It all gets better…