The first session is focused on the structures around the ribcage or thorax. The goal of the session is to give some adaptability to the upper torso so that when we start to make changes lower in the body there is some balance from above. We also are looking to improve the capacity to breathe and give some space to the heart.

We out all of the fascial adhesions around the outside of the ribs so as to peel off the body’s ‘wetsuit’. This includes working with the shoulder girdles to give them greater room and glide as they negotiate the ribs. This includes the scapula as well as the collarbone. The neck muscles and fascia that run down into the upper ribs and shoulders are also lengthened to give room to the upper lungs. We then strip the tissue in the upper back so the shoulder girdle and deep lungs have even greater room to move.

We also work deep into the chest to free up any restrictions around the heart and lungs. the pericardium and mediastynum fascia are eased so the respiratory diaphragm can bring greater volume to the lung space.

While we are doing this we are also positioning the ribcage over the pelvis so that the upper body may be supported from below. In this way we also do some work on the hamstrings so the pelvis has some ‘float’ to it.

All in all the first session is a wonderful freedom in many areas of the body. The neck, shoulders and breath all are addressed and many nagging issues resolve even within the first hour. Many clients walk out of the first session with a greater understanding about how this process is REALLY going to help them.