Session 7 is odd. Until you feel it. It is difficult to fully understand how much the position of your head affects everything else until it shifts. When my clients stand up after a seventh hour of the 10-Series there is a look of surprise on their faces. It’s the kind of surprise that is followed by a smile. An, ‘oh, well that makes things easier.’ kind of look.

From the outside the adjusting of head position is obvious. There’s a big bowling ball on top of your head jutting way out in front. Fix that and things will be easier!

The difficulty lies in the fact that the middle of the cranium is where our orientation begins. We start there and organize out from that zone. When a cat rights itself in the air, it begins by righting the head and untwists from there. It’s as if once the eyes and ears can get centered in relation to the ground the rest of body will stack under it.

To understand what is changing in a seventh hour we need to take a tour of the head itself. It’s not uncommon to see the head as a big ball on the top of the spine. The reality is that the head is decidedly split between two fundamental systems of the body. These two systems are the face and the brain. The lower front part of the head relates directly to the organs that lie in front of the spine – the lungs, heart, food tube, etc. The upper rear part of the head relates to the brain and spinal cord, or the stuff that goes through the spine.

As with the rest of the body, it’s easy for the fascial connections between these two different systems to become stuck together. In session 7 it is our goal to get the movement of these two systems to slide and glide easily in relation to each other. Often the head is pulled forward due to restriction in the food tube. But it can also be pulled up and back in an exaggerated military posture by a taught pull through the spinal cord. Balance between these systems leads to an ease of up-ness.

What happens is a feeling of lift in the upper spine and head. The feeling is as if a blimp were pulling the body and spine up toward the sky. In fact it may seem a little silly, giddy and even a little goofy. But at the same time the body just feels better and all that integration over the last 6 sessions can shine through!