Session six is the session that many folks long for. They long for the deep release of the buttocks and lower spine as well as the lengthening down the hamstrings and up in between the shoulder blades. Talk about delicious territory!

This one is geared toward the ‘back-line’ of the body. The back line is as it sounds – the back of the body from the feet to the head. Almost everyone has some part of the back lineĀ  that speaks to them regularly. It could be a nagging hamstring restriction or a golf ball behind their shoulder blade. There is the common low back stiffness that will sometimes go ‘out’ or the booty-lock that comes on after an intense soccer match. All in all the back line is rich with the possibility of release.

The last two sessions focus on first the bottom of the core, then the front. This session takes the work around to the rear. Most importantly is the freeing of the sacrum within the confines of the pelvis.

For many people the sacrum is a pelvic bone. Combined with the other two innominate bones of the pelvis it forms a container at the bottom of the abdomen that houses the guts, reproductive and elimination organs of the body. The spine then arrises out of the top, while the legs sprout off the sides.

With session six we actually turn this on its tail. We instead insist that the sacrum is the lowest bone of the spine. With spinal movement being snake-like, the sacrum is thus the tail end of the body’s slinky. If it is bound and tied to the ligaments and muscles of the posterior glutes and hamstrings, then it won’t let the spine reach its full movement potential. But when it is free to express the undulating movements of the spine the whole lower body comes alive.

Why do we love the sache? Why do we find it sexy and inviting? Because there is something rich about a spine that moves to its full potential. It’s grace personified. It’s poise in vivo.

This is where the fun really starts to get moving!