In session three we give special consideration to the SIDES of the body.

Why the sides? you ask…

In the 10-Series Companion we outline how the sessions in a 10-Series are broken up into three stages – superficial, core and integration. The third session is the completion of the ‘superficial’ stage of the series. What we hope to realize by the end of the first stage is a sense of freedom in the body. Much like peeling a wetsuit off your body, you want to feel like movement is easy and free. Whereas the first session opens the breath and the second stabilizes the feet, the third session is a liberation from the broad sweeping muscles that span the body’s sides.

The three most obvious broad sweeping muscles that we’re talking about are the traps, the lats and the iTBands. These muscles are fairly superficial in the body in that they are just under the skin, but they allow the body to have strength in large broad strokes. Imagine a monkey swinging from tree to tree or the wings of a bird spreading out to glide. In the legs, picture a karate master scissor kicking in mid flight. These are big movements, but when this level of musculature becomes impinged, it’s like wearing a t-shirt or jeans that are too tight. It is binding.

By lifting and releasing the adhesions that can bind this level of musculature to the body we give space to what’s underneath, the core.  Without freedom in this level of musculature the core can’t fully realize its potential.

Session three is about freeing the broad strokes of the body’s movement.