The second session of the 10-Series is focused on the feet and ankles. In order to balance the body completely we need to make sure the feet are secure and mobile. We want to feet to feel broad, strong and flexible so they can adjust to the varying ground that they must contact everyday.

Ideally our feet would spread evenly into the ground so that our weight is balanced through the middle. Much like a tripod balances a camera, our feet provide a ‘tripod’ of support for the legs that sprained out of them. We want to feet first to provide a comfortable vertical support for our legs while standing. Secondly we look to establish enough adaptability within the arches of the feet so that movement may pass through the ‘tripod’ evenly and solidly. Without either enough stability or enough adaptability the knees and hips will have to adjust and rotate, causing them to have a more difficult time supporting the upper body.

The feet are a series of arches that are designed to give spring to our gate, but the ankles are our first point of actual verticality in the body. For the most part the ankles move in the same plane as the knees. In session 2 the continuity between these two joints is addressed. By broadening the feet and hinging the ankles the pelvis can normalize with less twist and strain.